AEW Fight Forever MAJ 1.05 : Correctifs Stadium Stampede et Gameplay


Le nouveau mode Stadium Stampede est lancé sur AEW Fight Froever depuis maintenant plus d'un mois. Un mode ''Battle Royale'' qui a attiré de nombreux joueurs et depuis son lancement aucun correctif n'avait été apporté malgré quelques bugs rapportés par les joueurs.

THQ Nordic a lancé la nouvelle MAJ 1.05 d'environ 14Go ce weekend sur toutes les plateformes et elle propose plus de 50 correctifs pour le jeu. Une mise à jour qui vous sera proposée automatiquement lors de votre prochaine séance de jeu. Des ajustements au niveau des prises, des mouvements des catcheurs, des angles de caméras et des correctifs de bugs.

Voici la liste complète :

Reordered Leaderboards Period.

Fixed an issue with background music disappearing during custom arena editing.

Fixed the look of item “Bottom 5” in Custom Wrestler Creation, Male Custom Parts.

Fixed an issue where the “Shop” tab text was kept on screen when switching to another tab.

Fixed an issue that caused the springboard to shift in online matches.

Fixed an issue with Hammer Throw shifting position in online matches.

Fixed an issue with Panama Sunrise 2 clipping without hit.

Fixed an issue with Shida's Katana not being easy to hit.

Fixed an issue where Shida's "Tamashinou" could not be activated out of the field.

Fixed an issue where the AI would launch a grapple against a hanging opponent in CBR.

Fixed an issue with AI activating springboard against a corner leaning opponent.

Fixed an issue with AI not doing anything near an attacking ally in a tag match.

Fixed an issue with AI springboarding into the ring when an ally is pinned.

Fixed an issue with AI taking control after a finisher counter.

Fixed wrong arm animation when Paul Wight grapples Paul Wight.

Fixed diving misalignment.

Fixed running counter move floating off the apron when in contact with the apron.

Fixed falling off the apron after a shoulder tackle in CBR.

The attacker now has an advantage after dropping the enemy from the ladder.

Fixed Irish Whip misalignment on table contact.

Fixed incorrect damage multiplier setting for Signature Strength.

The exclusive Irish Whip animation is now triggered only when in close proximity to the environment.

Fixed grapples hitting and leading to blows.

Fixed Nick Jackson briefly getting up and falling down again after missing with Slingshot Destroyer.

Fixed an issue with AI urging tag when a tag team partner is out of the ring.

Fixed an issue in Ladder Match where the AI kept hitting the air instead of grabbing the belt while the opponent was on the ladder too.

Fixed an issue with the 2-on-2 camera.

Fixed an issue that prevented pinfalls from being released with a deadly weapon attack.

Fixed an issue where the AI was unable to activate some categories of finishers.

Fixed an issue that caused clipping when the manager attacked.

Fixed an issue that caused the AI to springboard attack against corner leaning opponents.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler was off the turnbuckle when diving.

Fixed an issue where Ruby Soho's signature "FOOTSTOMP SOLEBUTT" was hard to hit.

Fixed an issue where Adam Cole's signature "SHINING WIZARD" was hard to hit.

Fixed an issue that prevented thumbtacks from sticking into Owen Hart.

Changed name of Taunt MJF 2 to FIRE UP 17.

Fixed an issue that caused the user to remain in a pose holding the belt after dropping it.

Fixed an issue in which the momentum bar did not change after damage was inflicted by COFFIN DROP 2.

Fixed an issue with purchasable wrestler attires not being displayed in the Shop on version v1.03.

Fixed an issue where the wristband on Kenny Omega's gold entry costume was not gold.

Fixed order of names in casual mode.

Fixed an issue with Tag Team partners rolling out of the ring right after entering it during their partner’s pinning minigame.

Fixed an issue where the host forced the client to move from the store to the game session while the client was in the store menu.

Fixed an issue where a match could go ahead if the player went offline immediately after the start of an online match.

Changed the priority of error messages that appear when the player is in a lobby that is full and cannot be attended.

Fixed an issue where the wrestler model was not correctly displayed in the online lobby after being used in an online match.

Fixed party member wrestler order on locker screen to match party members.

Fixed the process when a LAN cable is unplugged while participating in a party.

Fixed an issue in which usernames were displayed in the wrong order in online modes.

Fixed an issue with statistical data.

Input is now locked during online menu transitions.

Fixed an issue where the "Friends List" and "Options" menus could not be opened after exiting a private match.

Fixed display position of usernames on the 4-way match-up screen.

Fixed a black screen issue that sometimes caused progress to become impossible when starting a mini-game in online games.

Fixed an issue in scenario 3B of ROAD TO ELITE where restaurant snapshots were not saved to the correct location.

Fixed incorrect Japanese dialogue in ROAD TO ELITE.

Fixed an issue in STADIUM STAMPEDE in which coins were not picked up after contact with coins during the finisher technique, in the air, or during an attack.

Fixed an issue in STADIUM STAMPEDE in the office area parking lot where there was an invisible collision on the hood of a car that would push the wrestler back when he jumped on it.

Fixed an issue in STADIUM STAMPEDE where an NPC jumped toward a wall that cannot be climbed.

Fixed an issue in STADIUM STAMPEDE where the Hottest Players motion caused The Bunny to T-pose.

Fixed one locker room bench instantly disappearing when destroyed in STADIUM STAMPEDE.

Removed invisible collisions on the field in STADIUM STAMPEDE.

Fixed a collisions issue where the player would go into an infinite fall motion in STADIUM STAMPEDE.

Fixed an issue that caused the "APPEAL" to keep increasing when running toward a wall in STADIUM STAMPEDE, so now it will only increase if the runner runs a certain distance.


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